Ham Sandwich with Tomato and Green Pepper

Dec 13, 2013 | Recipes


Piccolo Pan Boats

Green peppers

salad tomato

Serrano ham slices


Bake the Barcos piccolo for about 10 minutes at 200º, once this is done let it cool for 5 minutes and open to introduce the peppers that you have previously prepared while making the bread.

Fry the green peppers in a pan with very hot oil.

Drain and salt properly.

Clean a tomato and cut some thin slices with a knife. 

MOUNTING: We put a slice of Serrano ham inside the bread, well extended or folded in half, depending on the shape of the bread.

On top of it a green pepper and some thin slices of salad tomato; cover with the rest of the bread.

The presentation of this piccolo can be both hot and cold; heating the bread after assembly and getting the ingredients to temper.